Monday, January 19, 2009

A Mosaic Workshop

I made this mosaic last year in a workshop at the Musée des Tissus/Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Lyon. I love participating in workshops there. There's this amazingly big work space, the artists are helpful, especially with technical details, and there's no phone ringing, or kids asking you to do things, at least for the duration of the workshop! Five hours of non-stop creation.
This mosaic workshop was two five-hour periods, two Saturdays in February. After ten hours, I had finished way less than half this mosaic! I worked another 20-odd hours at home, not including grouting or cleaning! And it's not even that big; it measures about 45 x 35 cm. I had it professionally photographed, and it is in my portfolio, but it's been sitting on my worktable, propped against the wall for almost a year.
So last week I decided to ask at the local fine art supply store if they'd let me hang it there. I had noticed that they had a lot of paintings up, but no mosaics. Well, the owner liked it, and said he was about to set up a display of mosaic supplies and my mosaic would be the perfect wall hanging in that area, right in the front of the store! He said he couldn't guarantee that it would be sold (who can ever be sure of sales?) but if it does, he doesn't take a commission. Thanks so much to Le Pinceau d'Or in Lyon, France!
So, I've found a home for my rather heavy mosaic, at least for now.


  1. Oh, Laura - this is lovely!! I bet it looks great in the store!! Keeping my fingers crossed for a sale!! =0)

  2. Wow congrats!! That mosaic is absolutely gorgeous, I'm excited for you :)

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