Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bird pillows or Soft Sculptures

So, I've made some pillows (or soft sculptures), still inspired by my drawings of African bird sculptures in bronze. This one is like one of my brooches, only bigger, of course, and 3D instead of 2D. This one sold two days after being listed on my etsy shop. This is the first one I tried, made of cotton decorator fabric I found in the remnant bin of my favorite fabric shop here in Lyon.

This one is made of a beautiful paisley cotton I bought from etsy seller, The Designers Touch. I used linen for his beak and felt for his legs and feet. My son loved him so much he hugged him!

I like the fish too. She's simple and would look good on a couch with lots of other fishes. I'll have to make a bunch more! My daughter thinks they would be the perfect pillows for a beach house. We don't have one though, so...


  1. Oh, Laura - I don't blame your son! LOVE that paisley bird!! His golden beak and feet add to his richness!! I don't know that I could part with him!! =0)

  2. Oh, thanks so much for your lovely words!

  3. I love these birds! :) You are extremely talented, I can't to order something else from you :)