Sunday, August 16, 2009

Egyptian inspired

Visits to museums can be so inspiring. I get so many ideas, see so many possibilities; I feel somehow (no matter how remotely) connected to artists who lived long ago. I feel encouraged to make something really beautiful!

However, more and more, museum visits are photo opportunites and you spend your time trying to stay out of other people's photos, making an effort not to block their view. I guess most people take photos to look at later or show their friends, so they see a lot of the art through the lens.

At the Met I noticed most photos being taken of the huge impressive sculptures and paintings, often with friends and family standing next to them. This was true in my favorite collection: Egyptian art. Everyone loves the huge stone carvings of animal-headed gods, the temples and of course the colorfully painted sarcophagi, and so do I. But I prefer the small objects, in the rooms off to the sides; those are the things that inspire me. So I too was guilty of photo-taking, so that I would be able to see these lovely things again and again.

And when I got back, I wanted to make something really beautiful from my little bag of fabric remnants. Okay, it's a rather big bag. Anyway, these are Egyptian inspired.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Back from the US

We got back a couple of days ago from our five week trip to the US. We spent a few days in New York, and this was the first time I'd been there with my kids. They were amazed by the tall buildings, of all the taxis, the distances they had to walk and the resulting sore feet and legs! So, although these are really typical photos of New York, they remind me of the dazzle in my children's eyes when they saw these places for the first time.

We went past the Dakota, mainly for my sister, who didn't come with us to New York, because she absolutey wanted photos of the place where Rosemary's Baby was filmed.

I couldn't resist taking this photo of the work of one of my long-time favorite sculptors, Claes Oldenberg at the Museum of Modern Art.

The place I love most in New York is the Met, where I could stay for hours roaming around the Egyptian exhibits. I was very happy to find that my children liked the Egyptian art as well, taking lots of photos of their favorite pieces, and genuinely enjoying our time there.