Friday, September 18, 2009

The Voter

My Mosaic Sun Temple is in the Voter this week on etsy! Wow! It's the first time I've been included. I was nominated by Dawn of LaTouchables. Thanks Dawn! The theme is the Autumn Equinox and there are lots of lovely entries. If you like my Sun Temple, please vote for it!

Monday, September 7, 2009

And We Have a Winner!

I can now announce the winner of the European Street Team's weekly challenge, the theme of which was "The Enchanted Forest." Alatvian, the creator of this magical Turquoise and Jasper Necklace, has been chosen! BIG CONGRATULATIONS to her!

Thank you all so much for letting me host the challenge; it has been lots of fun!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Entries

And here are the magical entries!

Enchanted Forest - Long Blue Cloak/Jacket with XL Pixie Hood and Sleeves by Vaisto.

Untitled Bracelet by Gr8jewellery.

Enchanted Forest - Necklace made of Filigree and Glass Beads on Brass Chain by Vadjutka.

Wooden Acorn Necklace by DeerLola.

Enchanted Palm Frond Pouch by Kraplap.

Enchanted Forest Felted Triangle Wrap by Ingermaaike.

Turquoise and Jasper Necklace - OOAK - Natural Beauty Series by Alatvian.

The Enchanted Forest 2 in1 Necklace - The Princess and the Frog by Amoronia.

In the Middle of the Forest - Canvas Wristlet by Happybee.

Frame Handbag in Chocolate Brown by Karuski.

Enchanted Forest - Fancy Fiber Necklace by Antigoni.

This is the Enchanted Butterfly Necklace by Happyment.

This Enchanted Forest Bracelet is by LeelaBijou.

OOAK Drop Cut Raw Amethyst Pendant with a Flower and a Pearl by Toosis.

Green Flower Bouquet Headband by Queenece.

Felted Magical Romantic Magnolia OOAK brooch or hair clip by ayawedding.

This is Le Hibou - The Owl Acrylic Painting by Chichiboulie.

This lovely creation by Binkaminka is the Storyteller necklace. Look at the lovely linen pendant!

The European Street Team Challenge

Wow! I won the European Street Team weekly challenge! The theme was Fall is coming and I was chosen by Sumikoshop. You can see all the entries on her blog here. I'm so honored to have won! What a great way to begin September.

This means that I am hosting the challenge this week with the theme "The Enchanted Forest". This theme evokes fairy tale settings, elves, fairies, unicorns, in fact all manner of magical creatures, objects and events. It's a place where anything can happen and often does!

I'm expecting wonderfully enchanting entries from the amazingly talented members of the European Street Team, who have, as the French would say, "des doigts de fée" which means they quite literally work magic with their fingers!

I'll be posting the entries here, so keep looking!