Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Newest

I hung my show at the cultural center today. Twenty-two mosaics and three fabric trees with fabric insects in them! I haven't taken photos yet; by the time I had finished, it wasn't sunny enough to get good ones. However, I took some photos of my new pieces before wrapping them up to take over there.

The one above is called Magic: a girl holding a magic lamp in one hand and a magic word charm in the other. I used one of a set of red dessert plates I found in a thrift shop a while back for the tesserae.

My daughter doesn't like this one because of the beetle, but that's what I love about it. I used some lovely porcelain saucers with a leaf pattern around the edge. I was trying to get an Egyptian feel.

I stamped the French word rêver (dream) into the clay using tiny rubber stamps I ordered from Japan. The blanket and pillow are stamped with vintage lace. It might have a fairy tale quality to it because of the sleeping girl which may recall Sleeping Beauty, but I was actually thinking of the importance of dreaming, or letting yourself have dreams!

Don't forget to dream!


  1. your work is amazing! good luck for the exhibition!

  2. these are magnificient pieces!! I'm sure you will truly shine in your exhibition .. I wish you great success :D

    Kerrin X

  3. Your mosaic work is very beautiful! I especially like the "Dream" with a sleeping girl. Wishing a succesful exhibition to you!


  4. Good luck with the show! Keep us posted on the sales! :-) I really like the deep red in MAGIC.

  5. Some amazing work. You are truly gifted. Hope your exhibition was a huge success( I am sure it was)

    Rosemary, Garden Gate Designs

  6. I so love the mosaic with the beetle! It's gorgeous!