Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Eggs

You can find some delicious chocolate in France. Eggs, fritures (tiny chocolates in the shape of fish), chocolate bunnies, hens, bells...dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate.

I sent some chocolate eggs to my niece in the USA. And I sent them in a beautiful hand knit bag that I bought on etsy. It was a sneak attack, when a few people get together and buy from shops with few or no sales, and surprise! All at once they have sales! You must visit this lovely shop, .

When I received this purse, I was really pleased with the colors, the feel, the size (perfect for seven-year-old Sarah), and I decided to fill it with chocolates, which was a suggestion in the item description! A great idea, isn't it? So I hope you enjoy your chocolates and your bag, Sarah. Happy Easter!


  1. French and Belgian chocolates are the bests I know!
    And French red wines.... Insuperable!

  2. what a fabulous gift for your niece, something special to eat and something special to have always :-)

    and what a super thoughtful idea of your group .. ShamuMakes has a lovely shop!

  3. Ohhhhh, c'est vraiment sympa !!!!