Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Lovely Sales Fairy from Sweden

I have to show everyone my sales fairy, made by Carita of Jealousydesign in Sweden. She is made of silver with the cutest hair, delicate limbs and even a vest! She carries a pail of magic dust, which she lovingly sprinkles near my work area. And she has her own chair.

She arrived on Friday, November 13th and she brought with her lots of sales for my shop. Who says Friday the thirteenth is unlucky?

Here she is on the mantel, in front of her house. I suppose she goes inside at night, but by day she works her magic!
I can also wear her around my neck since she has a loop on her back so she can hang from a chain. Perhaps I'll take her outside to visit France.


  1. She looks absolutely gorgeous! :) Hope she will bring you best of luck and many sales! :)

  2. oh you are so lucky Laura! That's a gorgeous faery!:))

  3. That just is such a superb faery, I hope she sprinkles her dust liberally!

  4. She is fantastic! I hope she's brought you sales as well as smiles!