Friday, February 6, 2009

Luneville plates

I found these Luneville plates for 0.90€ at the second-hand shop last week. Luneville is best-known for lovely beadwork which was produced in this town in the 18th century. Pottery was also produced there and still is, apparently! I fell in love with the floral pattern which looks as though it was stenciled on. It's all around the edge and there were three plates, plus a dark blue one that was one of it's kind. Maybe the others in the set were broken, but I would have liked to find a whole stack of them, the deep blue is gorgeous!

And here's one of my birds, cut out from a terracotta slab, printed with lace, fired, colored and waxed, already glued to a board, soon to become part of my next mosaic.

In fact there are three birds on the board, and I was looking for the perfect printed plate tesserae to put under their little feet. I'll have to show you how it turns out!


  1. Love those plates & the birds are so cute! :)

  2. The plates are very pretty. Thanks for sharing. I have a small collection of Majolica (plates, compote vase and tray. Love the happy colors on them.

    Rosemary, Garden Gate Designs