Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Decorator Fabric

I discovered these upholstery fabrics at the fabric store this past week. I was looking for some heavy weight fabrics to make a few large tree collages for an upcoming exhibit. I think I found just the right thing! I'll cut the tops of the trees (or leaves) from these, and add some reddish orange fabric for the trunk and branches. And in the trees, I'll put some brightly colored fabric birds.

Anyway, the prints are so amazing, much better in person. And there were some in red/orange too. They are reversible, so the quality is the same on both sides. The largest flowers measure over 6 inches in diameter.

What would you make from these fabrics? Any ideas?


  1. Gorgeous, especially the last one. I'd make some throw-pillows, or if you have a chair that could use a makeover? We live by the beach and blue is a favorite color.

  2. I would make bags! Tons and Tons of bags - Pillows are a great idea too! :)

  3. Oh, yes - these would make AWESOME bags!! What a lovely find!! The color is fantastic!! Can't wait to see your finished product!!