Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Giveaway

I'm back from a holiday in Spain, feeling rejuvenated, energetic and motivated...but also determined to take regular breaks to disconnect and relax and in the long run be more productive, I hope!
Now's the perfect time for summer giveaway!
Here's your chance to win a white linen moth, brooch or ornament, you choose. This is one moth, with either a metallic brooch clasp on the back, OR with a pretty white cord attached so that you can hang it in your home.
• To enter, just leave a comment and tell me what you do to relax, I'd love to hear. Don't forget to leave an e-mail address where I can contact you should you win, and your preference for brooch or ornament!
• Or, you can become a fan and leave a message on facebook:
• The winner will be selected in a random drawing on Friday, August 6.


  1. Dear Laura,

    I could not agree more with you about the color blue and more so about the need to take time off. I am going to take your advice and do the same as soon as I catch up with a few things. I was checking my Etsy and it seems a while back when I got a couple of your lovely brooches. Count me in please, I would love to get another, and enjoy your week off!


  2. Thanks Mona! Yes, take some time off and enjoy some summer pleasures!

  3. Too relax I drink tea,and listen to the Beatles or take a long walk in the evenings.
    I would love to win your sweet butterfly and I would like a chord to hang it somewhere nice.

  4. I'm relaxing by spending the weekends like it's already vacation and go for a boattrip and set up our tents for just one night.
    Eventhough it's a very short vacation, it's in your veins for the rest of the week.
    What an amazing give-away!
    The linen moth would look best on a chord for me.
    I have a lot of real moths in my house right now that i'm desparatly try to get rid of, but this one would deffinatly be the prettiest and
    a keeper for sure :-)

  5. Ohhhh I really would love to win this!!!
    I go to drink a coffee near the sea with my best friend(s) to relax and chat :)

    star-of-the-east at hotmail dot com

  6. Welcome back Laura; great to hear you had a great vacation.
    Relaxing is for me "difficult"; the only real way doing so is looking at water and boats. So, sometimes I am going down to the fjord we are living on, take a chair and stare over the water....

  7. Great giveaway!
    I relax and get new energy from practicing Taichi..
    and like meeyeehere I listen to music, especially while working.
    Enjoy your fresh motivated start in creative work after vacation!

  8. Welcome back, Laura!

    To relax I walk to my garden (some 600m away from our house) and work there a bit. If it's not possible or I don't feel like doing it, I go to the bookmarks in my internet browser and surf through some of the pages I'd marked for later :)

    I'd like to have a brooch from you.


  9. I'm glad to hear that you had a relaxing time.

    When I want to relax I get myself a nice book and a cup of tea. And sometimes I crochet or knit while listening to something .. again with a cup of tea :)

  10. Nothing like a good holiday to get the motivation back. :)

    I'd love a moth brooch! I have a few things I do to do to relax, such as knitting, sitting in my balcony garden or by my aquariums, or playing a fun computer/console game.

  11. Hey Laura, I love your work!
    To relax I'd like to go on a sunny terrace and drink a lovely Belgian beer, crochet and chat with friends.

  12. I relax by fiddling with fiber, walking in the woods and laughing :)

    You know how I love your work, I smile every time I see my bug :)

  13. This is one cute moth! :)

    To relax I like most to just sit somewhere peaceful and to watch beautiful landscapes. The garden is also good, if there is no chance to be somewhere else at the moment.

    And something delicious to drink to go along can't hurt either :)

    Lep pozdrav, greetings!

  14. ohh this is lovely!!!

    thank you very much for your visit to my blog. the dlasses are very easy to make. Just photocopy the image of the glasses from the book and glue them onto a pair of old glasses or 3D glasses without the lensses. it's a funny thing to make for the kids, or with the kids.

    big hugg :)

  15. Wow, lots of great ideas for relaxing! Thanks, everyone ;)

  16. Walking through the countryside or by the sea has always been the best way for me to relaxing.Listening the sounds of nature and the waves always makes me relaxed, calm and happy with life.
    I love your work!I'd like to have a brooch from you!

  17. The moth brooch must be fantastic!! My favorite way to relax is to sew. It completely clears my mind of all things stressful. Creating something beautiful makes all the ugly go away!

    crashandcarry at gmail . com

  18. head out to Fire Island...nothing beats a morning coffee on the deck with a magazine - before anyone else is awake.


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  20. Just in time I discovered you thanks to #FF love on twitter. Lovely brooches, so yes I'd love a chance to win one.