Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How to Make a Tote Bag

We all have lots of supplies, and it's not always easy to organize them, even with shelves, boxes, or whatever storage method you use. I have piles of fabric falling out of my closets, so I thought I'd make a few storage bags from fabric remnants. They are flexible and easy to fit into small spaces, or you can hang them in the closet or on hooks.

I used a vintage pattern and I explain my entire process complete with photos over at the Artisans Gallery Team blog.
Take a look and browse our team blog while you are there!


  1. I loved reading this turtorial in the artisan blogpost, Laura--it's wonderfully illustrated with your photography and excellent instructions--and the end-product is beautiful!

  2. Thanks Dawn! It was a good exercise, writing out insructions forced me to be very clear and concise.