Thursday, April 29, 2010

Is Art a Luxury? (Scoutie Girl)

The question on Scoutie Girl is about it a luxury? Not to me. And I don't think to most people. Even if one can't go to a concert or buy a CD, she can sing or beat out a rhythm; if I can't afford to buy a piece of art, I can trade one of my pieces for something I love. I just made a great trade this week: I received my frog oven mitt in the mail a few days ago! Thank you Inger! Check out her shop, ingermaaike.

I think people are creative and artistic even if they can't or don't want to exchange money for a "work of art". Perhaps it's the difference between living and just existing. Most people choose to live.

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  1. very first,pl.u clear..,what is meaning of luxery in art context and luxery for creator or visitor...,thnxs. gagan b. dadhich