Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Est Challenge Entries

And here are the entries in this week's challenge...birds in literature, legend, mythology, religion and film.

I just love this Jonathan Livingston Seagull necklace by kraplap! If you don't remember the story, written in 1970 by Richard Bach, about a seagull who dreams of greater things, click on the photo to read about it in the description of the item.

This flamingo greeting card is from ColoursandTextures, and is from an original silk painting.

Here is Bennu, the Egyptian equivalent of the phoenix, a heron associated with the rising of the Nile, resurrection and the sun, representing creation and renewal. Alatvian says this challenge made her leave her comfort zone and learn something she had wanted very much to learn.

This amazing necklace is the Simurgh Bird Necklace by LeelaBijou. The simurgh is is a Persian mythological flying creature, depicted in Iranian art as a gigantic bird with the head of a dog, and sometimes with a human face.

This gorgeous Golden Bird Ring is by staroftheeast and features a vintage stamped bird. The story is The Golden Bird by the brothers Grimm. Click on the photo to read a part of the story, and get a link to the entire story! You may remember it from your childhood.

This lovely hand printed vintage tea towel with the tweety design is by lamarquisedesanges, from France.

The Bird and the Bell by Martice, is inspired by a Japanese poet, in a poem about the flight and the song of the bird. Click on the image to go to the item description and read the details!

Dawn of LaTouchables, has created a Migrating Bird Cuff in beautiful rich colors.


  1. Hi :)) I have an item as well:

  2. wow beauties already!! You'll have a tough end: choosing a winner.

  3. They are all gorgeous!I really like the tea towel!

  4. so my lovely contributions !!! amazing :)

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  5. lovely entries so far, I'm going to make mine tonight!

  6. oh wow, these entries are all so beautiful !!