Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I get so inspired by materials: the textures, the colors, the patterns, the shapes.
I treated myself to some beads and charms recently.
Look at these sweet multi colored ceramic scarab beads from etsy shop thenile. I also got a bookmark with my order! I forgot to photograph it; I'm using it in a book already.

I don't know what I'm going to use them for yet as I don't make jewelry, but an idea will come.
For now, I have some in a glass bowl on my desk and a few lined up on the keyboard of the computer.

They've got hieroglyphic inscriptions on the bottom!

These gorgeous metal charms are from redvelvet in Sydney, Australia. Now I must learn how to oxidize metal to get the scarab and the owls to look like the African mask. If anyone has any oxidation recipes, please leave me a link! I remember using patinas and heat in bronze sculpture class, but I don't have a blow torch.


  1. Hieroglyphics??? WANT!! :)
    Very inspiring, indeed! Think I have to go shopping too ...

  2. Ohhh--I love those beads! Merry Christmas, Laura!

  3. I love these scarabs! My girlie loves to play with them. Wish you happy holidays and a Happy New Year!