Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Moodboard: Get Some Sun!

Turning the clocks back is somewhat depressing: suddenly it gets dark early and we know that the days are getting shorter anyway. Everyone loves the sun and I'm an advocate of hibernation for humans! I wish I could sleep right through the winter! Most of us can't but we can surround ourselves with sunny colors. So, get out and get as much sun as you can and check out these European Street Team shops:
Top left: kreativlink
Top right: artwatercolor
Bottom left: ayca
Bottom right: malam
For more Monday moodboards featuring items from the talented EST, go to fleurfatale's blog.


  1. Sunny and warm!
    It's raining here but not complaining we miss rain here, not the sun :)

  2. ah ! Lots of sun and vitamines ! Good idea Laura ! Everyone can use some more of those these days...

  3. Beautiful and sunny indeed!
    I like the clock turning tho... Sure, it makes days shorter instantly, but I could sleep one hour more! :)

  4. Beautiful colors! Autumnal and summery at the same time!!

  5. For me is great surprise :)
    It's a pleasure to be in here...
    Thank you so much...

    ps:Sorry for lots of delayed comment :(
    I just realized...