Sunday, June 14, 2009

flea market finds

There was a big flea market or 'brocante' in my neighborhood on Saturday. It stretched for about ten blocks on both sides of the street. There were some professional antique dealers
but mostly people selling their old stuff...which became new stuff for the buyers! I found some great teal saucers (without cups, but since I'm going to break them anyway, so what?), and plates with a pink and white print. But my favorite finds are pictured here: a wooden box for treasures, lots of lace and...a toast holder.
The lace is hand-made and vintage. The woman who sold it to me assured me that she got it from a woman who worked for Dior...maybe, maybe not, but I fell in love with so many pieces that I had to get a few. I will use the short pieces to print on clay, and I can use the longer ones in textile creations. I'm thinking of lovely lacy moths.

Apparently, this is a toast holder. I had never seen one before. I suppose it might come in handy if you are making large quantities of toast, but at our house, the toast is eaten as soon as it pops up from the toaster! I'm using this apparatus to store my linocuts, to keep them from getting dusty and sticking together once they've been inked. I'm sure there is an apparatus especially for this, but I didn't find one at the flea market, so I'm improvising.


  1. I love flea markets! It's great to take something old and give it new life. Congrats on your finds!

  2. Those are wonderful finds--and practical too! I could wander for hours at flea markets, antique stores, looking through your new brooch of the bird, by the way!

  3. Oh, that flea market sounded divine! I love someone elses treasures that they no longer have a use for. That lace is making me drooool! Wouldn't that be awesome to edge a skirt for Lizzie! Handmade - at that! Lovely finds!