Thursday, May 21, 2009

Exhibit Photos II

My show is going to be up for another week yet, so I thought I'd show you some more photos of pieces that are not in my etsy shop. I made two mosaics using a funny little plate I found at a second-hand shop. The dark blue glaze with a small village scene painted in yellow, including a crescent moon and stars caught my eye. I used the cut-out stars and moon pieces to make a night sky for my own little scenes of women from ancient times standing beneath arches and holding vessels or pouring out water for each other. This one I call Water Bearers.

The piece above is called Divinities, and is perhaps my very favorite mosaic. It's been in two shows, it was on the poster for an exhibit in 2008.

Here you can see the crescent moon I cut from the dark blue plate. The plate was thick and the sharp edges of the pieces cut my hands many times as I was creating this one. One lady is pouring water for the other: this mosaic is complete with ceramic water flowing from the pitcher into the dish!


  1. These are absolutely wonderful. I love them. Excellant job Laura!!

  2. The detail of the pitcher of water being poured is just astonishing! I would love to see the work in person!